Our 6 Step Process

Step 1. Enquiry

Send us your enquiry.  If you don’t have part numbers don’t worry, just send the truck type and VIN (chassis number) and of course descriptions of the parts you need.

Step 2. Parts Identification

We will identify the parts using manufacturers electronic parts systems. If we are unsure about some of your requirements we will forward sections of the catalogue so you can advise exactly what you require. We appreciate the costs of receiving the wrong items and prefer to take that little extra time to ensure we are quoting what you require.

Step 3. Freight

We will add the appropriate freight, whether that be to your own UK based freight forwarder, or we can dispatch direct for you via Courier, Air or Sea freight with competitive pricing. Customers can also collect.

Step 4. Quote Finalisation

You can advise any modifications and we can amend the final quote or Proforma.

Once you have a final quote you can make payment by TT in the appropriate currency. We will need your full company details and any delivery address so we can accurately despatch the goods.

Step 5. Order Process

We process your order when funds are received and allocate any stock items, items not stocked are ordered directly on our extensive supplier base. We use direct electronic order input with many suppliers such as DAF.

Step 6. Despatch

We pack goods for Air or Sea freight and dispatch confirming details such as tracking numbers with you so you can arrange collection at your end.